Welcome to InsuranceLink – home of the insurance claims database. This page has been created to inform the public about InsuranceLink and to provide an access point for individual members of the public to request information about the details concerning claims made by them that are held on the database.

About InsuranceLink

The InsuranceLink database has been created by Insurance Ireland and the self-insured claims task force to assist their members in the detection and defence of exaggerated claims which may result in prosecutions for fraud. It contains details of claims made by individuals against insurance policy-holders or directly against self-insured members of the service.

The cost of falsified, exaggerated and/or duplicated claims in Ireland has been estimated to be in excess of €100m annually, which ends up being paid by honest citizens - be they policyholders, taxpayers, consumers of goods & services and/or utility users.

Under the Data Protection Acts you are entitled to know what information about claims you have made is held on the database.

Please Note: Application forms cannot be processed by post at this time. If you wish to receive this information please download the Access Request form, complete it with the required information and email it to us at info-ireland@verisk.com.